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Managing Your Money

At ECM, we work for you. Our clients rely on us to help them reach their financial goals and our allegiance is always to our clients. We help investors define their goals, put a plan together on how to reach them and work together to stay on track. You don't want to run out of money and you want financial peace of mind - our process is designed to ensure both.

At ECM we use a personalized approach to develop and maintain your retirement investment plan. Because we create and foster long-term relationships, our clients' long-term success is our ultimate goal.

We have several investment models to match your specific life situation or we can design a plan that’s unique to you. Our investment models are aimed at providing low-cost, performance oriented choices – whether you’re retired, just starting out or creating a group retirement plan for your business.

ECM provides investment management services to individuals, businesses, trusts and qualified retirement plans including 401K plans. We work with clients to design portfolios that match our clients’ goals.

ECM helps clients plan and reach their wealth goals by:

  • Using a fee-only compensation schedule to align our goals with yours
  • Providing full financial planning services including tax planning
  • Establishing trusting relationships with our clients where they know they can count on us to assist with all their financial issues
  • Using a proven, systematic value investing process they can understand and rely on

Our approach to helping clients is unique because we use a scientific approach to investing and design our own strategies rather than use mutual funds.

Fee Only Vs Commission Based

At ECM, we've designed a business model that ensures we work for you, not for commissions.

Because ECM is an independent Registered Investment Adviser and a fee-only firm, we are held to a higher standard than stockbrokers and commission-based "advisers" when it comes to the financial interests of our clients. We have a fiduciary duty to our clients, which means:

  • We act in the best interests of our clients at all times. Commission-based "advisers" receive compensation for transactions and investments that may not be in the best interests of their clients. However, a fee-only adviser is incentivized to grow their clients' investments.
  • We use a fee-only compensation arrangement. Fees and transaction costs that hurt our clients also hurt our business, so we aim to keep investment expenses low to improve our clients' performance.
  • We are independent and receive no compensation to recommend outside investment products. We aim to remove conflicts of interests with our clients' goals. This helps us develop long-term relationships our clients can trust.