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Retirement Planning

American retirees are simply not prepared. With a financial services system that’s focused on transactional business, many retirees we meet have no retirement plan in place and often don’t know where to start. It's often more a question of preparedness than having more money – we help our client both prepare for retirement and understand how to properly fund their goals.

We help clients understand the following points when it comes to reaching their retirement goals:

  • Planning properly and setting specific goals can give retirees peace of mind and a better lifestyle during their retirement years
  • Not having a plan could cause unexpected loss of money or investment value
  • Not having a plan could leave retirees living in poverty during their retirement years
  • Inflation will negatively impact retirees’ savings and that needs to be understood
  • Choosing to begin the planning process is the most difficult part – once you know what you need to do, it’s easier to do it
  • Using a patchwork of advisors or brokers can cause serious problems – some advisers don’t have your best interests at heart and scattered investments makes holistic planning impossible.

Business Retirement Plans

Retirement plans help employers keep quality employees, provide significant tax advantages and enable them to maximize retirement savings. We view the 401K plan as the 8th wonder of the world and we help employers and employees understand the benefits these qualified plans can provide.

We help businesses design and set up retirement plans, as well as monitor progress and educate plan participants. Here’s how we can assist you with the ongoing success of your business retirement plan:

  • Assists trustees in developing investment options: We can design low-cost model portfolios for plan participants to help participants reach their retirement goals while minimizing trustee liability.
  • Providing ongoing participant education: Any business retirement plan is ultimately successful for employers and employees when participants are fully educated about the benefits of participating. We provide one-one-one guidance or group presentations
  • Plan administration assistance: Plan administration can be confusing and time consuming. We help business owners and plan sponsors find a plan administrator that is cost-effective and can assist with all administration functions. Our goal is to help you find an administrator that allows you to focus on your business, not plan administration.